Please refer to your lease or contact our office for your lease end date.

1.  Remove all furniture and personal belongings from the property.

  • If any furniture or personal belongings are left behind, you will be charged a removal and hauling fee. 

2.  Remove all trash from the property.  

  • Check out the Glassboro Highway Department website for more info on recyclables and trash limits.

3.  Provide Ivy Housing with a copy of your most recent utility bills showing no large outstanding balances.

  • If you are not responsible for the utility bills at the property, then you do not need to complete this step.

4.  Forward mail with the US Postal Service online.

  • Ivy Housing cannot give you access to the mailbox after your lease end date so make sure you forward your mail and notify your employer, bank, etc. of your address change.

5.  Provide Ivy Housing with your forwarding address for Security Deposit Return.

  • You can email us your forwarding address at  If you do not provide us with a fowarding address, we will use your co-signer’s address as your forwarding address.

6.  Return ALL keys to the office by noon on your lease end date.

  • All keys to the apartment/house must be turned in.