When is the best time to look for housing?

Current residents are given the option to renew in early November. Our Leasing Season for fall move-ins starts in mid-November. Fall move-ins occur in June or July. 

Are utilities included with rent?

Residents are responsible for water, gas, and electric. Certain properties with oil heat are responsible for oil delivery.

How do I transfer utilities into my name?

Please contact the following utility companies by your lease start date to transfer service to your name. We recommend that you call to transfer two weeks prior to your lease start date.

  • Atlantic City Electric (electric): 1-800-642-3780 or online at: www.atlanticcityelectric.com
  • South Jersey Gas (gas): 1-888-766-9900 or online at: www.southjerseygas.com
  • Water: You do not need to get water service put under your name. You will be billed quarterly by Ivy Housing.
  • Enright & Sons (oil delivery – for properties with oil heat): 856-227-2122 or online at: www.enrightandsons.com

Please be advised that if utility services are not transferred to your name, services will be shut off and all tenants will be responsible for all back-billed services and re-connection fees. 

Do you have cable/internet?

Please contact Comcast or Verizon Fios for information on current rates and setting up service. 

How long are your leases?

Most of our leases are just under a year to allow us enough time to get the property ready for new tenants. Our leases start in early June and July.  The move-in date and lease terms varies by property.

What if I need to break my lease?

Ivy Housing does not offer an option to break a lease before the lease end date.  Please review the lease terms for a property before making a commitment. 

How do I reserve a house?

Once you have seen a house and would like to reserve it, a deposit of one month’s rent is due. This deposit takes your house off of the market and guarantees it for your move-in. The reservation deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to move in costs for the apartment.  For more information on our leasing process, please contact our office.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Personal Checks are accepted
  • Money Orders  (available at your bank, 7-Eleven, Post Offices) are accepted

Do you charge late fees?

If the rent is not received before the close of the business day, on the 5th of each month, a late fee will be charged. 

Returned checks are subject to a returned check fee plus accrued late fees based on when a new check is submitted.  Please contact our office for more information on our returned check policy. If you are not sure if your rent is late or if you have any questions about late fees, please contact our office.

When do I get my Security Deposit back?

Security Deposits are returned after your house inspection and will be mailed to your forwarding address.  If you do not provide us with a forwarding address, your Security Deposit is mailed to your co-signer’s address.

What will be deducted from my Security Deposit?

Your house will be inspected after your lease end date to determine if any charges need to be made for cleaning, damages/repairs, etc.  We will also check your account for any unpaid rent, late fees, utilities, or lease violations.  Security Deposit charges are assessed for your house or apartment as a whole.  All damage charges are divided equally among all tenants in a unit.  We cannot determine who is responsible for which damage, nor are we able to arbitrate between roommates.  If your roommate caused damages that you feel that you shouldn’t pay for, you must collect from your roommate, not Ivy Housing. For your reference, below is a list of most common charges for Security Deposit return:

  • Unpaid rent, late fees, utilities, or lease violations
  • Holdover rent (not moving out on time)
  • Excessive cleaning (usually bathrooms and appliances)
  • Patching and painting (holes in walls)
  • Missing smoke detectors
  • Removal of debris from the apartment or the curb (personal belongings, trash, furniture, etc.)
  • Floor damage (excessive carpet cleaning)
  • Painting (for excessive wall damage beyond wear and tear, or for painting the room a different color)
  • Missing keys

Will I be charged for maintenance requests?

You will not be charged for most maintenance repairs.  If the damage was caused by neglect or misuse by the tenant, you will be charged for the repair.  Our maintenance staff will inform you beforehand if you will be charged for the repair.  Tenants will be charged for after-hours lock outs.

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